Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

Bill & June Hamon Wildlife Artists


 The illustrations below, loosely depict the range of subjects that I intend to eventually get around to carving. Neither, you nor I, can envision how I’ll do or even, what will my style look like. It might be years before we find out, if I keep my priorities clear on finishing my table-full of “already-started’bird-projects”. before doing any new projects. Perhaps, I should finish the Bird(s)-Project” in Hand (The Herons pair) then, something different! Let me know how you think  I should proceed. Any suggestions?Bird World

              We began our Woodcarving/Painting Collaboration as soon as I took up wood-carving in early 1988.  Teaching for 26 years has been very enjoyable, though it was difficult to meet the teaching schedule and to finish my own projects along the way.  For these reasons, October, 2013, we agreed to retire from teaching our respective “Group Classes”.  Not teaching   wasn’t the only important change for us personally;  formerly, I have only carved wild-fowl. I was safe-guarding my edge of expertise and focused exclusively  on birds by not carving other subjects. Now, I can imagine carving a Red Fox, a Chip-monk, Deer, Bobcat, Bears, Otters, Fish, Alligators, Snakes, etc.  So, we hope that you will stay in touch and enjoy these new trails with us, hill by hill, valley by valley, mountain by mountain and step by step.

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sharks This Blog was originally created  to be about things pertaining to woodcarving, our former-teaching activities, techniques including tips, photos, schedules of shows, etc.  While it is still serving those same basic  purposes, we have other blogs listed on the “Blogroll” on the right-side of this Home Page, which expand on my other interests which include my 1991 red  Miata MX-5 sports-car, the OWLS (seniors) at church, and, the U.S.  Marine Corps. Kinda just like an onion; just keep peeling to find more.  We hope it has become of interest and a resource for our former-students as well as new friends, wild-life enthusiasts and  wood-carvers.

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 Oh, didn’t I mention; I’m a U.S. Marine!

Semper Fi


Please remember to fly our flag and to keep those bird-feeders filled.

Wildlife is for carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3


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