Hi Fellow Hamonhaus Woodcarvers:

BBRrrr….Hope you’re farin’ well in this Winter Wonderland. We are! I’ve been busy lately carving out the dozen shorebird decoys for 2009. I’ve also just completed carving the White-breasted Nuthatch I started during my two-day “Work-Shop” with Bob Guge last fall. The Nuthatch and the dozen decoys are soon to be passed-off to the “Paint Department” (remember her?). We’ll donate the decoys as door-prizes at Carver’s Banquets that we attend throughout the year. We think it’s neat that “carving friends” end up with them in the end. This is the fourth in this annual series. All we retain is one for each year for our own collection (2009 = #4).
We broke with tradition this winter and have continued to offer Carve-Ins on Saturday mornings as long as is possible before taking our customary two-weeks in Florida in February. This week’s Carve-In is hereby “Cancelled” due to the COLD weather. The only two remaining Saturday Carve-Ins are still scheduled on Sat. 1/24 & 1/31, 10a.m. – 1 p.m.

Carve-Ins will resume on a different weekday and time on on Wed. 4-6p.m., March 11, 2009. They will normally run during weeks that Sat. Classes are in session. Keep in touch with our Calendar of Events for changes, additions and deletions. Go to this link for the calendar (suggested bookmarks): http://pub43.bravenet.com/calendar/show.php?usernum=3638749903 or to our Blog: http://hamonhaus.bravejournal.com/ . Carvers, including those who participate in our Portfolio Albums, can access those photos these through the Blog., as well.

Our New “Carving” years each kick-off with the mailing of notice/enrollment for our “Spring” classes. This year, please watch for the e-mail to go out around 2/6/09, as we leave for Florida. I may be reached via cell at 937-344-0091 with any questions. Early responses are appreciated to allow for us to prepare for your project in when we return from Florida. That class will commence the Saturday following the Middletown Woodcarving Show, which is on Sat & Sun, March 7 & 8, 2009. I’ve agreed to be a Judge in that show. All Classes and sessions are presently “Current” on the Calendar for the 2009 Calendar at this time for your reference and information.

We hope your new year is filled with Wildfowl Woodcarving (what else!).

Happy carving & birding, Bill