Great Horned Owl - The Prey's ViewI want to bring your attention to this newly published page on this blog. Go to the list of “Pages” immediately to the right of today’s blog. Click on ” Great Horned Owl Project”. This is a project began and abruptly ended  in 2006. The several pages I’ve posted in the Journal are from 2006 and speak for themselves. I’m in the process of ressurecting this carving and wish to share my sessions on it with my blog-readers, such as yourself. This Owl has been waiting patiently for my return to it. Well, I’m back! Please feel encouraged to comment on the pages in the event you choose to do so. Imput is always helpful. Whether it is on sources of materials, other guidance or on techniques of carving. Be in touch via the “Comment” sections.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill