How about, you help me and I’ll help both you and your friends! Over the years, more than several of you have steered a friend or two to our classes. Often, they, maybe like yourself, were not either “power-carvers” nor “bird-carvers”.  Soon enough, like yourselves, they were both.  So, just to put the issue on the table, and until further notice, We wish to attract students who have never previously  been enrollees in our classes. We want you to consider if you know someone who hasn’t and invite them to enroll in our classes. All they need to do is check-off on the Class Enrollment Form that “you” are their Referer! That would entitle each of you to a $25.00 reduction in the class fee upon both of your enrollments in the same class. You, would simply check on your own enrollment form that you are refering  “so & so” . This only applies if you are also enrolled in the same class. If you are a visitor to this blog who is not already a “Hamonhaus Carver”, I suggest that you find one, team-up to both benefit from this limited offer. It is hereby in effect for the year 2009.

Happy birding and carving, Bill & June Hamon