The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

Vell, We are from Zinzinnati! Vas you effer in Zinzinnati? Oh yah; we know that you know it as “Cincinnati”  but, I am German and raised by my German father and German grand-parents. Mom was French and died when I was 4. As you may not know, Cincinnati was a largely German town, filled with immigrants from Germany. As a child and until I left home for the Marine Corps, I grew-up hearing German phrases and eating German food. Even the store merchants were mostly German in our neighborhood. Prior to WWII, German was spoken freely and frequently in our home. The war changed all of that; except for the food. “Fast-Forward” some 30-40 years and I became a new woodcarver, learning from a German Woodcarver and his wife. Well, Bob Wening is now long-gone, as is his wife Evelyn. Guess what? now and for the duration, I’m sorta the Ol’ German Woodcarver my-own-self. Wife  June (she’s English) is by my side, teaching the painting as Evelyn used to do for Herr Bob and coping with my stubborn German/U.S.Marine disposition. So, wherever we abide, it’s “das Hamonhaus”! From this  Ol’ Carvingmeister to you,

Happy birding and carving,  Bill