I’ve recently added a few new tools to my carving-arsonal.   Interestingly and not surprising, several of them were brought to my attention by a couple of our students.  Thanks to Larry Long and Monica Finan for your helpful tips.  Several others I found on my own whilst browsing through  the Jaymes Co. catalog.  If you too have personal experience or other feed-back on these or other Tool suggestions, please reply below.  Your views and comments will be appreciated.

  1. Stump Cutter #322-027  from the Jaymes Co. $10.95.  (888-638-8998) A fast cutting steel bur that leaves a smooth finish. 3/32″ shank.  Monica has taken several classes from Floyd Schulz and purports this cutter to be one of his favorites. I tried hers for a few days and have now ordered mine also. A short stubby cylinder, very useful in contouring the sides of bird craniums down to the ear-coverts (cheeks?) and in smooth-planing the top surfaces of tails, feathers, etc.
  2. Eye Cutters #33-052 from the Jaymes Co. $29.95.  (888-638-8998) Steel fluted cutters 3mm-8mm, 3/32″ shank, set of 6 useful in accurately cutting eye-holes for birds.
  3. Reticulate Cutters #33-055 “Large “set of 4  from the  Jaymes Co. $23.95.  (888-638-8998) Also available in sets of Medium and Small. These cutters will make round shapes to simulate reticulate bumps on bird’s feet. 3/32″ shanks. I hope to add the other sizes (Medium & Small) in the future if I like using the “Large”.
  4. Proxxon Pen Sander w/full sized Adapter #PX38001 from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop (800-228-0000) (See Blogsroll) $89.95 This is the most detailed of the detail-sanders. This sander produces 8000 2.5mm linear strokes per minute. It’s ideal for surfaces, slots and tight corners. ideal for feather surfaces,etc. The tool comes with 8 attachments and 45 pre-cut pieces of sandpaper (cut-to-shape). My plan is to cut my own sandpaper “stick-ons” from a roll of adhesive sandpaper I bought from Klingspor long ago. They sell packs of pre-cut sandpaper for this tool, in various grits and shapes to fit their included attachments. It works! Thanks to Larry Long for this tip. I have mine.
  5. Dem-Bart Gun Checkering Tool Kit/Starter’s Special #148850  Woodcraft Store $54.99 These three hand-held-tool-handles come with several different cutter-heads which are inter-changeable based on the shapes of the “cuts” you desire. Larry Long was able to concieve of this tool as an expedient tool with which to “score-in” the Quills on his Bald Eagle project. The results he showed me were very impressive and I purchase a set. It works (with a little practice).  

More to come….

Happy birding and carving,  Bill