pen-sanderProxxon Pen Sander w/full sized Adapter #PX38001 from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop (800-228-0000) I’ve had this tool only a week or so and, I like it!  The pad of peelable, stickable sanding-strips that came with the Pen are a-bit too finely gritted for my carving purposes; so, I chose several of the variable-shaped sanding bits and used them as patterns for replacement-strips of my own choosing. Klingspor has been easy to deal with and has been very helpful when asked.  I see in their catalog that they offer several different grits for this tool. I have a roll of 240 grit fabric-sanding paper (Swiss Cloth from Klingspor) on which I used a ball-point pen to trace the sanding-bit head. I simply scissored the strips and affixed them to the bits using double-sided shop-tape cut in the same shapes. Bingo! Works fine. I happen to be working on a class project, the Eastern Bluebird-open-winged. Lots of patches on the wing-blank-tabs and on the tail where the Pen Sander worked efficiently and effectively in short-order.  I could have used my sanding-stick just fine; however, the Pen made the task quicker & easier. Quicker & Easier are always good . especially when the project (ie: Eagle!)! is large and labor-intensive.  Consequently, I believe this tool was a good investment for this bird-carver.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill