The sun’s shining today, it’s a bit warmer, June’s at work, getting paint-repair prices for my Miata, yard’s still too wet to work outside, plan to get a few hours in carving on my “bluebirds” prior to today’s “Carve-On” from 4-6p.m.! The “completed” W.B.Nuthatch is on June’s “paint-table” hoping for some attention from the beloved “paintmeistress”. The next “work-in-progress” on it’s way to her is my Ring-necked Pheasant. Like me, do you have some unfinished works gathering year’s of dust on a shelf in your shop? I bet that you do. If you are a “Hamonhaus Carver” and could connive to get that carving and yourself to a scheduled “Carve-In” with me, it just might become that next “masterpiece” you were hoping for. These Carve-Ins were created for you just for this situation. Been doing them for years. Humor me and come out of your early-carving-retirement today. You’re significant other will thank me for getting you off your, I mean, out of the house.
Happy birding and carving, Bill