ebb3Our “Bluebirds” Class and Carve-Ins are going very well. My Bluebirds are creeping along, just ahead of the students. The open-wings for my Eastern Bluebird are about 50% completed.  My new Proxxon Pen-Sander  is very helpful on the feathers.  On the “Private Lessons” side, I am proud to announce that Larry Long’s 2/5S Bald Eagle is 100% completed. In fact, the photo-shoot was a few days ago and I look forward to receiving the digital-photos soon via e-mail. I’ll post them  on my Photo Album’s Page in Larry’s new Portfolio Album.  Our Summer Class on the 1/2S Great Horned Owl begins in JuneGreat Horned Owl - The Prey's View.  Plan ahead to enroll.  We’d love to have you. 

Three American Avocet Shorebird Stick Decoys were completed over a month ago and “are gone”!  At least one of the remaining 9 Avocets must be completed prior to our next Woodcarving Show.  All 9 are over 80% completed now. American Avocet Shorebird Stick-Decoy 

Happy birding and Carving, Bill