brukner-nature-carverSat. We journied to the Brukner Nature Center in Troy, OH to participate in their show.I’m glad we’re back at “Brukner” . We were there our first three years 1988-1991 and “gone” these last 18. We received the “Reds” and are content.  Our previous eagle took a “blue” in 1991. Our current eagle took “blues” in Cincinnati & Dayton 2008. Stubbed it’s toe in Troy! We enjoyed the dinner at Troy’s “La Piatza” with a few dozen (maybe) other carvers.  While we were gone on Sat., our roofer started our new roof. They were still there when we  first saw them at about 9p.m. when we returned from Troy. Our roof was already nearly half-removed by these half-dozen short little guys
Bill & June Hamon with Eagle that came in behind an "Slick-interpetive Owl" that had 3 front toes on each foot???

Bill & June Hamon with Eagle that came in behind an "Slick-interpetive Owl" that had 3 front toes on each foot???

who were working faster, better & harder than I’ve ever seen  before. They were utterly amazing!  Thinking we had plenty of time to “sleep-in” Sun., we were awoken at 6:30a.m. Sunday by the thunder of hammers on our roof. The “Mexicans” (The 6 Amigos) were back with a fierce vengeance.  We thought we’d get our 8hrs sleep and be as good as new this morning. NOoooo! We’re up and “atum” & contemplating a “Bob Evans Compensatory Repast” in about an hour. When we returned home Sunday evening, we were stunned to see the most beautiful roof we’ve ever seen. We couldn’t tell they were even there. Our yard and grounds were perfect. Yesterday (Mon) actually began for us when we met daughter Michelle and our two grand-daughters Nicole & Alexa at the Country Kitchen Restaraunt for breakfast at 9a.m. This happy rendevous was to drive Alexa to the Columbus Int’l The Hamonhaus ArtmeistersAirport to catch her class’s flights to Spain (for 2 weeks).  After seeing her off, we & Michelle visited the Schmidt’s Sausagehaus in the German Village for lunch. This is one of our very favorite German restaurants. You can see us here in our traditional “Old German Woodcarver” regalia. Nicole had gone on to work and wasn’t with us. 

Happy birding and carving,  Bill