To all Hands:  This is my notice of semi-retirement! At age 70, I find myself too busy with minutia from the past crowding my present and threatening to do so into my future. Namely, I shouldn’t be trying to do justice to running three web-sites, much less three blogs. So, I’m allowing a few magazine subscriptions to lapse, a few club membership renewals to expire and am herewith closing two of my three blogs; and Over the years, I’ve amassed a long list of e-mail addresses received from Marines from all over who’ve found my site and have contacted me. Probably, I’ll find future excuses to use that list from time to time. Right now, I’m just pushing back from the paperwork. This blog, “”  will continue for now, as always.  Thanks for the memories,   Semper Fi,  Bill Hamon  ega-avatar
Happy birding and carving,   Bill