The Hamonhaus Artmeisters Yeah! We’re thinking Octoberfest!  June’s birthday is coming up on the 9th.  We plan to drop-by the festivities at Bruning’s Clockterfest in Beavercreek this Saturday afternoon right after our Bob-white Quail Class dismisses.  Love that German Food, Music & Stuff. Wish’n I had invested in the Lederhosen and that loden Green Hat with the Pheasant feather (or, Brush). Too late now, I guess. As for today; June picked up the painting of my Ring-necked Pheasant (#2) where she left off yesterday. While she did that, I rotated back & forth on the 4 of 9 remaining American Avocet Stick decoys project &  my habitat project for the base for my Mountain Bluebird which is finished except for the paint & the base.  Actually, the base is finished except for the branches & leaves.  Well, those elements have been an interesting project in themselves. I regret that I didn’t keep a blog-journal on it as one of my projects.  The soldering went well today and I’m satisfied that I haven’t messed it up.  I expect to resume on project on the Eastern Bluebird soon and employee similar elements on a similar base for it. I will endeavor to do the blog-journal on each step.  I also expect to begin the soldering of the legs for both bluebirds in a day or so. so, why don’t I do the blog-Journal for that project as well.  O.K., I will!  The Pheasant, Mountain Bluebird and the American Avocets will be ready for our next show which is in Cincinnati in a few weeks. Watch for their photos to appear in our Blog-Portfolio soon.   June (my “Paint Department”, as you know), put in her two-cents worth and said she wants some grasses on the Pheasant Base. Yes dear…..
Happy birding and carving,   Bill