Every year, every show, it always comes down to what we all have to do to be ready for the Show!  I guess that I have to admit that it includes me too. This year will be the only time that we are going to share our exhibit table with anyone else. Fortunately (huh?) we don’t have as many birds to show as we normally do. Larry Long has carved one bird ever. See it this weekend at the Cincinnati Woodcarving Show.  Larry is actually a “Woodworker” who decided to attempt carving a Bald Eagle. He succeeded beautifully!  That’ll  makes two Bald Eagles on our table. Come and see us. Below, and to make my point, is an excerpt from our shared e-mail this morning:

 Larry Long has carved one bird ever.

L3:  Packets are all pre-arranged on a table for pick-up as the carvers arrive for set-up.  Sometimes, they might bring them to us. It’s all fairly informal.  We’ll probably need to scrounge a “third” chair for our table. Maybe, not, if space is prohibitive (cramped-quarters). So, you’re home and busy in your work-shop; good!  Today, I must complete the work on the Mountain Bluebird’s feet and June must finish painting the bird itself.  I’ve a little bit of rearranging to do today on the Pheasant’s base. June requisitioned a few Oak leaves to be added to it; so, I made them.  So, I expect to enter the Pheasant and the M. Bluebird in the competition; maybe, the Nuthatch too. The Eagle is ineligible for competition in this show since it was an award-winner here last year. Lastly, I need to take portfolio photos of these two new-comers and post them to my blog. My Carve-in starts at 3 p.m.  Don’t rush Jan too much. We actually take a little while to set-up before any carvings can be placed on it. You should put the Eagle in competition.     Later,  B.”
Happy birding and carving,   Bill