Cincinnati Show 2009    I believe this was the 3rd year that the Cincinnati Carver’s Guild has held it’s Woodcarving Show at the Joy Community Church on North Bend Road.  It’s been a good venue.  The church’s volunteers make the experience a very good one for the carver’s and for the paying public.  Show chairman John Broughton and his able crew also do a great job of running a “Carver-Friendly” show. We’re glad to be included.  As per-usual, we saw a “gaggle” of our students pass through.  We love to see them. This year was a bit different for us than ever before.  The difference this year was that we invited friend Larry Long to share a corner of our table with us to display his excellent Bald Eagle carving. He also brought along his array of beautiful mechanical pens and pencils that he has crafted from a variety of exotic woods. We did this because Larry consulted with us on his Eagle project.  He wished to try-out woodcarving and to end up owning an Eagle woodcarving to display in his home (I have one for sale Larry!) . In case you don’t ever get to see it on his mantel, here is a picture of it. 
Bald Eagle by Larry Long

Bald Eagle by Larry Long

This is the “only” carving that Larry has ever done.  He’s a “real” talent. Now, he’s both an excellent woodworker and woodcarver. Let’s hope he carves again.  Best of Show went to Sandy Czajka with a new tropical bird. She also took the Blue in Songbirds with her Warblers pair. We took 2d & 3rd place with our Mountain Bluebird and our White-breasted Nuthatch. ; so, it was a good show for us too. Sandy is a real talent and a classy lady. She was one of only three exhibitors who didn’t start packing-up their exhibits too early (one of our own “pet-peeves!). Walt Thompson and us were the only others who waited patiently for the final second to pack-up. Notice please that we were all three “bird-carvers”; I’m just sayin’….We hope to be back in Cincy next year and to do it all over again, hopefully with a few more and better birds of our own.  In two weeks, we’ll be back, probably  for the last time, at the Sauder Village Show in Archbold, OH. We love that show, but we’re considering excluding “over-nighters” from our future Show Schedules.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill