Bill Hamon

Bill Hamon

I find that teaching woodcarving  is both a distraction and a stimulus to my own personal carving projects.  In that respect, I might not even be carving as much as I am now; or, maybe even more, if I weren’t teaching!  Anyway, I always seem to have a number of “left-behind” projects on my benches and on my shelves.  On the “up-side”, I’m probably a better-carver when I eventually get around to the finishing of a  “left-behind” project when it’s later than when it’s sooner. I do know that I believe that teaching has kept me carving for more than several decades; otherwise, who can say. So, let’s get to the topic at hand of my “stack” of unfinished projects, in my idea of their order of priority,  as of today:


  1. Bob-white Quail   F/S
  2. Eastern Bluebird  F/S
  3. Red-headed Woodpecker  F/S  (in planning stage for 2010)
  4. Red-tailed Hawk  F/S
  5. Green-backed Heron  F/S  (in planning stage for 2010) 
  6. Great Horned Owl  1/2 Sz  (in planning stage for 2010)
  7. Great Horned Owl F/S  this one is on this blog under “Bill’s Special Projects” category.

Make  no mistake about it, my shelves are crowded with a lot more in my “started-stack” than just these listed above.

Let’s see how the above evolve over the winter & beyond, starting “now”! 


Happy birding and carving,  Bill