Bill Hamon

Well, we had another wonderful weekend at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show in Archbold, OH.  If you read a recent posting here about “Two Days Before the Sauder Woodcarving Show“, you can tie this one into my remarks about this being our last year to go there and the reasons. Well, I didn’t expect the reaction from the other carvers, Sauder Village Heritage Inn staff and a few others. We’re a little confused and flattered about it all at this point. We had the opportunity to spend a little quality “face time” with our friend Jan Nofziger Special events Coordinator, who is retiring in a few months. We had the same opportunity with her replacement in her job, Dawn Hauter.  My assessment (but who’s asking) is that Jan was/is wonderful and has earned her promotion in status to being simply “our very good friend”!   Guess what!  I see similar qualities at this early stage in Dawn.  This reality as well, has added to our confusion about skipping this, our favorite show, next year.  So, I’ve been at my computer today re-scheduling the Calendar of Events and the Schedule of 2010 Shows we’ll be in to include this one next October (can you believe, on Halloween?).  Not to certifiably confirm (redundant?) that we’ll be there; however, if we do decide to go, as I just said on the phone to Dawn, I don’t want my own calendar comittments to keep us from being able to go.  As usual, the best collection of “Bird Carvers” were there. A big plus for us to even associate with such accomplished artists. We were glad to see John Broughton visiting the Show.  Although he lives in Northern Kentucky, he’s a bright star in the Cincinnati Woodcarver’s Guild; past President and many-times Show Chairman.  he’s been a good friend to us and has promoted our classes in the past.   A few of our students made the trip as well, just to see what we’ve made all this fuss about. I know that they were impressed with Archbold’s Sauder Village Show. Sam Hudson and his wife Judy and George Goard, who actually came up on his motorcycle. Both of these men continue to impress me as they pursue bird-carving. We were able to share the Sunday Continental Breakfast with Sam and Judy.  So, back into our normal routine with Thursday’s Carve-In. These will continue through December 17th.  That’s when our Winter Hiatus really kicks in until next Spring, 2010. I have more to say about the Sauter Weekend but, maybe on another day very soon.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill