AIW 2009

Well, the “chill’s on the pumpkin” a little!  We felt that this show is the “Must Do” show among the five shows we’ve done this year.  It’s the largest one that we do or that we’ve ever done. We feel that a significant improvement this year was the Judging Format.  No, we don’t get to observe the Judges in action. We do know though when we’re uncomfortable about  the traditional delays associated with having to wait receive the announcement to go to the judging-area to pick-up our carvings. In the past, it is inevitable that they’d not finish their chores until “late” on Saturday. meaning, that competitors “best stuff” is hidden from the public behind the curtains of the judging area.  This year was much better. We were summoned to pick-up our pieces soon after arriving on Saturday.  This year’s  Judges literally worked into the wee hours the previous evening and picked up the task very early Saturday.  Kudos to everyone associated with this degree of comitment and toil.  Although we failed to garner a ribbon, we feel that those who truly deserved those honors were properly selected by these qualified judges.  I don’t even know who they were.  Special Kudos to Chairman Sandy Czajka for doing a yeoman’s job.  She was everywhere doing her job. Also evident were many volunteers helping her..  Thanks  Sandy for your contribution and special congrats as well on winning your well-deserved Best of Show Ribbon. The crowds of public attending the show seemed to be huge!  We were gratified to pick-up about a dozen new carvers on our e-mailing list. This is the primary way that our students find us and get on our E-Mail-List.  Our Thursday “Carve-In Schedule” continues  through December 17th.   Don’t think that we shut-down carving all winter; just our schedule to teach. We have much to work on and to complete. Our 2010 Season traditionally  begins at the Middletown, OH  Valley Woodcarver’s  Show, the first weekend of March. Also traditionally, we commence our Spring Class sessions the following weekend.  The Thursday Carver-Ins also commence at that time.  From next month until March, 2010, we’ll be on our Winter Hiatus.  In the meantime, please keep those bird-feeders filled!  Also, forward your contact info to us if you wish to be on our E-Mail Class Notification List for future notices. We try to not send Snail Mail anymore.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill