Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

Well, I’ve been examining the 16 year-old remains of an “aborted” Bald Eagle #2 Project.  It was started in November, 1993 and roughed-out nicely.  I can’t even recall why or exactly when that I set-it on the shelf unfinished. As mentioned on the previous installment of this series, I assisted via teaching, the carving of another 1/4 scale Bald Eagle by Elaine Rasp.  As I’ve previously stated in this blog, Elaine’s Eagle  turned-out beautifully. It moved me to find my old-project on the shelf.  I’m now in the process of  picking-up where I left-off on Eagle #2  16 years ago.  Of course, Eagles # 1 & #3 are completed. consider #2 to be properly dusted-off and not worse for any wear. Following are the component parts of this Eagle as it exists today.  We’ll go back to these components as I pick them up and carve in future segments of this series. I hope you check-in from time-to-time. 

Walnut base with bottom section of carved-base affixed with screws & glue

Upper-section of carved-base with metal leg-rods inserted & glued

Upper & lowers sections of carved base dowelled & glued together

Two legs carved to fit on upper-carved base

Legs drilled & slid onto leg-rods

So far, so good!

Eagle's body has drilled leg-holes for the leg-rods & legs to fit into

Eagle's beak is carved open. A tongue will be inserted later

Top of tail includes the feather & quill lay-out

Bottom of tail has the feather & quill lay-out

All components assembled except the wings

Top & bottom views of wings & partial feather lay-out
This carving was last worked-on by me, when I was a  54 year-old  wannabee-bird-carver/teacher who had only been carving about 5 years at that time. I used the one & only Foredom Flexible -Shafted Grinder that was given to me by that very first class that I taught (a Bluejay) in 1988.  I was also using an Optima 2 Micro-Motor at that time.  As luck would have it, the Eagle #2 carving must now be completed by a 70 year-old  still-a-wannabee-carver using a much older (tho the same one)Foredom Flexible -Shafted Grinder and a pretty-old Foredom Micro-Motor.  Luckily, I have a few more techniques today to lay-on this bird than I had back in 1993!  I hope that you can check-back soon to see what I decide to do next to this bird. 
Happy birding and carving,   Bill 


Bald Eagle #3