Bill & June

It seems like our “Holiday Season” actually kicks-off each year on June’s birthday, October 9th and doesn’t end until the new year begins.  June harbored an aprehension as a youth and as a young woman that she wouldn’t live beyond the age of 40!  she recalled that premenition, when at that age, she battled cancer and won!  We’ve been celebrating each of her birthdays with vigor, ever since (about  30 years now and counting).  We both kind of wrap ourselves in  the presence and love of our family and friends. We celebrated Thanksgiving at daughter Michelle’s home.  All of our immediate family were there with rare exception, plus a few new faces.  Growing and merging families transform “what was” into “what is”!  Michelle has certainly inherited her mother’s sense of hospitality and styleThe food  was perfecto!  As usual, son Rick and his family drove up from KY which he does faithfully at nearly every opportunity.  So, that’s where we now find ourselves. June commenced the decorating ritual here at das Hamonhaus yesterday afternoon by assigning me to carry the decor-laden boxes into our house from the garage.  That includes the Christmas Tree, which is now lighted & standing sentinel in it’s regular place in the Great Room.  Much more work to go; always done by June. She’s done the heavy-lifting on seeing the work through on all-holiday decorating every year for nearly a half-of-a-century.   As for woodcarving & painting, she’s nearing the end of a series of painting-sessions involving two student’s Ring-necked Pheasants.  I have only three more Thursday Carve-Ins to do for our students, ending on December 17th.  That’s when we happily commence our Winter Hiatus.  That means that our scheduled classes are over for the winter and our freed-up-schedule will include some carving and some “get-aways” hopefully, such as Florida in February.  Most immediate among the carving-projects, will be to post blog articles and photos on the “Bill’s Special Projects” page for the progressive work on the various carvings of the  Bald Eagle #2, Red-tailed Hawk #3 and Great Horned Owl #1. These are not actually Class Projects although the hawk  started out as one.  I hope to attack these in earnest very soon. If you are on our Woodcarver’s E-Mailing List, watch for our next notice to arrive in mid-February for the Spring Class on the Red-headed Woodpecker.  If not, why don’t you e-mail your e-address to  me or do whatever it takes, right now.   I’ll try to keep the blog and the Calender of Events current at all times this winter. Keep in touch.  In closing from June and myself, may you personally, as well as your families enjoy a Blessed  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Happy birding and carving,  Bill 

Bald Eagle #3