Like many of my family and friends, I’m bucking the “system”!  “Politically Correctness” just doesn’t “cut-it” around here anymore (and, never did!). All People, Races, Religions, Causes, Issues, etc. are individually addressed and engaged by me on their own merit and worth; not on their own possible vision of a sick-protocol of entitlements that require “freebys” of consideration from me and my government  at our  expense.  No more “cutting to the head of the line ” ,  “Affirmative Action” or of bumping more qualified applicants for “anything” just because of  Minority Status.  That culture has  a stench (effluvium) and needs to be set-out at the curb with the trash that it is. I will continue as always to show respect to respectful individuals and to worthy issues and causes. Other than those who show their personal worthiness, sense of personal honor, integrity and respect for myself and for my ideals, don’t expect very much regard from me at all.  Described herein are the lenses with which I will continue discern friends from my foes!  Henceforth, I do not (and have not) recognize the “self-serving and legitimizing” labels of “this-or-that -kind-of-American”; they sorely offend me! Never mind what may offend them; I’m in line here too!  If you have been so privileged and honored by birth or by petition to be an American Citizen, no matter what your Union, Political Party,  Anti-Defamation League or  Community Organizer says, you are an “American”…PERIOD!  Get off of your self-entitled soap-box that you neither built yourself or paid for!  I distain anyone who asserts to be “MORE EQUAL” than anyone else. Now, with that said, I believe that I’m ready for a “Change that ‘I’ Can believe In”!  Sorry for allowing the kettle to boil-over. I actually didn’t realize it was getting that hot! I sometimes never know when I get out of bed in the morning who’s going to show-up first; the former Marine, Bank President or Woodcarver. Move over Attila!
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Semper Fi,   Bill

Old Glory