Bill & June

Life Comes at You Fast!  June has only a few more days to train her “replacements” at her work to take over her duties. She’ll be missed. They’ll sadly and unavoidably learn pretty fast that “she” was the glue holding the place together! ”  Just watch and see.  Hard to believe that she’s been there for nearly 21 years.  She loved working. She loves people.  She loves me. She epidimizes the Golden Rule of Life; to “Love Only One, Have Many Friends and, be Kind to Everyone.”  She’s officially Retired at the end of this month; the end of this year; the end of this chapter of our lives.  This new life must live up to be whatever she wants it to be. I pledge to see that it is (the Lord willing!). Hopefully, health, family and home remain intact and supportive in our “Golden Years” which remain. They aren’t just beginning; they’ve all been Golden because we’ve always been side by side together.  I’ve been doubly blessed to have woo’d, won and wed  my “Trophy Wife” the first time around.  Come the 8th of April, 2010, we’ll be married 49 years!  Of nothing else, am I so proud.  Who knew that  she would become the very best wife, mother to our children, cook, decorator  and friend that I would ever know. She’s always been a beauty!  Pause to add-up the score: I’ve Won!  Now, for the minor new adjustments of our new found freedom.  I’m sure she will try this and try that to get back to whatever will be “our” new routines  (shudder!) . However, it’s certain that she will successfully weave into the tapistry of all of our mingled lives, the vibrant colors of more time with family, friends and each other. I’ll be smart to just hold-on and enjoy the ride.  Whatever turns this journey may take, I’m totally confident that “The Best is Yet to Come” .  At present, we envision no changes in our Woodcarving activities;  why change that when we’re just starting to get the hang of it!   You’re invited to join us and hang on too. Can hardly wait. 

Happy birding and carving ,   Bill
Bald Eagle #3