Forever Young

Well, it’s “different” again this year. The configuration of our “family” continues to evolve; shrinking and expanding again.  As I recently mentioned in one of my posts, “the family that is, has changed the family that was!”  Daughter Michelle has taken over much of the work and planning of our gatherings at her home. Son-in-law Jerry always does the honors of deep-frying the Thanksgiving Turkey #1 and we bring the roasted Turkey #2 (the ‘send-left-overs-home’ back-up). Most everyone brings something. Christmas,  this year is at our house; das Hamonhaus.  Son Rick and Daughter-in-Law Lisa will be up from KY and will bring her Son (our Grandson) Mitchell (maybe), his Girlfriend  Ashley (if Ashley doesn’t have to work)  and their Daughter Makayla (the Apple of Rick’s eye and, our Great-Grand-daughter). Lisa’s Daughter Elizabeth (our Grand-daughter)  might or might not be here from Cincinnati with her Boyfriend Tony and their two Children, Eli and Zoey  (our other Great-Grandchildren).  Jerry and Michelle will be here from Clarksville, OH with our Grand-daughter Alexa.  Their other  Daughter (our Grand-daughter) Nicole will bring her Boyfriend Billy and possibly, his Mother Debbie.  June’s Sister Susan will bring her Daughter Sarah and possibly her Son Chris.  Chris is home for the holidays from college in Wisconsin.  I might have to find room in the stable outside and eat with the Maji, Shepherds and the livestock. It’s  entirely possible that we’ll break all previous attendance records (15?)  with a new possible total of 18. We pray for this event and it’s invitees for a blessing, safe travel and a greater bond for all.  If I understand the scriptures correctly, we are all brought together, friends and family alike, for God’s own reasons. We may never fully know and appreciate those reasons; but, I’m certain that it’s for the good of all.   So, from our family to your’s, may you enjoy a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Bill and June

June with Davidson