Happy New Year Carvers and Friends.  We hope that all of you are well and are prospering. Our new Year is “Crowned” with June’s Retirement.  She’s getting used to the changes that confront her.  She mentioned today our “Newly-wed” days, when we both worked every day.  She recalls how much she was able to accomplish by sticking to her strict schedule of tasks to be done at certain times and certain days of the week.  I can easily remember those days.  I kinda think that she’s reverting to those early days and is seeking to establish schedules that will accomplish those results of yesteryear. Today was great!  We feed the birds constantly.  I’ve been working on a couple of class-projects for 2011 yesterday and today.; for the “Gamebird Class“, it’s the 2/3S Ruffed Grouse.  For the “Songbird Class”, it’s the L/S S  Baltimore Oriole.  Nothing is definite, but I do like these birds.  Both of them were carved, ribboned and sold .  I’ve not previously taught a class on either of them.  My intentions for my on-going-winter-carving  is to personally carve when the mood strikes and the temp is 32 degrees or higher.  I expect to e-mail and so advise my more recently “active” carvers, so that they may decide to join me and carve along.  My personal project-focus is returning to older projects which await my attention; namely, that 1993 Bald Eagle, that 2006 Great Horned Owl and the Red-tailed Hawk.  Several of you have been awaiting June’s schedule and the weather to allow her to give “paint” instructions.  She’ll be watching the weather and will e-mail or call you. We’ve kind-of decided to post-pone “Florida” in February.  I basically want to get a new flat-screen TV instead.  As usual, I need to do it on “the cheap”.  Any tips are welcome.    In 13 short days, this blog will have it’s first anniversay (1/20/2010).  Visits to it to have recently exceeded a 12 month record of 3000 visits!  My deepest thanks to all of you for reaching out and keeping in touch. 

Happy birding and carving,   Bill


Bald Eagle #3