I’ve just resurrected two more carving projects that have rested on the shelf in my shop since November 0f 1998; Pieces 107 & 108, Saw-whet Owls # 3 & 4.  In all, when these are finished, there’ll be five of them completed. #1 is in our son’s collection in KY.   Saw-whet Owl #5 was sold last year in the Cincinnati Show and #2 Sold years ago.  A close look at these two will show only the penciled marks all over both of them that I sketched-in today. It’s still too cold to be out in my shop, so I’m finding a few tasks to do in my easy-chair.  I’ve just heard from the “Paint department” that she wants me to finish-up on the half-dozen Shorebird stick decoys that I’m in the final stages on as we speak. This will be our 5th year to donate them to the Carving Shows whose banquets we choose to attend to be handed-out as a “Door-prize” to another carver.   Yes, I can attach their beaks whilst lounging away in my easy chair.  I hope to soon also resurrect my Red-tail Hawk #3 project. Getting there!  Keep an eye on the Owls Category or the Bill’s Special projects Category to track my progress on all of these “almost-left-behind” projects.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3