Forever Young

Nah! Those aren’t “Loose-Ends” you see around here; they’re still laying right where I left ’em.  It’s only 15 days since the 1-Year Anniversary of this blog and we’re up exactly  150 visitors; i.e: 10 visitors per day!  From 3200 to 3350.  I’m sure that if we weren’t on our Winter Hiatus and only posting one blog-per-week, we might  do even better.  We’ve recently sent-out the Spring Class announcement letters earlier than normal due to my raging “Cabin-Fever”!  If you didn’t receive your’s and wish to, be sure to contact me ASAP.  The wheels, they is a-turning and I need to be cutting the blanks and prepping the materials for each of you as you contact me to enroll.

Our “Great Room” seems  transformed with the installation of our brand-new (1-week-old today) 50″ Flat-Screen-Plasma HD-TV.  I’ve now ordered the DVR to be delivered from Time Warner .   You just can’t sneak something as large as 50″ in without making space for it.  The former Entertainment-Center-Armoire is currently sitting under a drop-cloth on our back-porch.  It, and  one of our now-surplus TVs as well, is waiting to be picked-up by June’s sister Susan, who has a use for it .  Another scheduled change for the “Great-Room”  will occur when daughter Michelle comes for our vintage Up-right Piano.  Yes, all Christmas Decorations are packed and waiting  for a few warmer-days for me to get them stowed  in the “detached”.
As for the “detached”,  it’s much-evolved since you may last have seen it. Many miscellaneous tools are now hanging-semi-neatly on the recently-installed peg-board (Gift from neighbor Bruce Caldwell), the new Tire-Wheel-Clock (Miata Club Door-Prize) is hanging above the (Jim Callahan) Custom Work-Benches next to the vintage Radial-Arm Saw gifted by friend Zane Haught and the also vintage Wood-turning Lathe, also  from Jim Callahan,  etc. Can you see the pattern here?  The small-growing-pile of miscellaneous items on the floor represent a future “Garage Sale” on these premises.  
I know that you are dying to ask; yes, June & I  are still both living here!  It’s actually going very smoothly. Her retirement is now officially five-weeks old. I believe that she’s  received only one call from her-former-work  to ask her a question.  She actually spends a little-time on the PC almost-daily doing e-mails and playing Solitaire (that’s new).  She has several projects in the works at all times (that’s not new).  She’s in the process of scheduling Bluebird Paint Classes for several carvers. Firstly, I’ve asked her to paint the “sticks” for our new 2010 Series of the Black-necked Stilt Shorebird Stick Decoy. I want the “sticks” to be the same color as the real-bird’s legs (red), just like the eyes.  I resisted an invitation yesterday to re-join the board as an officer of my Marine Corps League Detachment. I’m resisting all opportunities to commit to anything that requires attending “meetings”! 
The current Extreme Weather Alert has us “stranded” for the weekend. Because of our new Plasma, I’m actually contemplating watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and having a few “hot-buffalo-wings”, etc. to go with it!  June’s always enjoyed watching sports on TV; me, not so much. I could always enjoy some ATP Tennis and some “Tiger” Golf, but baseball and football don’t phase me. I put them right up there with Nascar,  Indy and Tractor Pulls (yawn!) 
In closing, my mind is drifting more and faster towards woodcarving.  Sam Hudson and Bob Hewitt were the first this morning to respond for the new class. I’d like to be “out-there” doing the blanks, etc.  Gotta wait for more comfortable temperatures. I’m expecting the new class to be great! 
Happy birding and carving,  Bill
Bald Eagle #3