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*Breaking New Ground!

Carving Birds and Constructing “anything” else are two different things; right?  Right! Carving Birds and Painting them are two different things; right?  Right! Well, maybe, not exactly.  I carve birds; June Paints them.  Now, it gets a little more tricky;   I construct bird’s feet and June paints them.  Even more trickier; I construct  my bases  with habitat and June paints them. Yes, I realize that those “Bird carvers” among you do not have the benefit of having (June) a trained Artist to divide your labors with;   I do!

In the “old days”, Carve a bird, stick it on a Manzanita burl and or a stick and you’re done.  Eventually, you might tackle a little “Forest-Floor” ground cover and even a few blades of grass. For feet, we were truly typical to use “cast feet” which were (are) a problem in their own right. I’ve made all of my bird’s feet for years.  I do use cast feet to copy from for the exact sizes, shape and other details.

As your carving skills develop, you should expect more from yourself.  Move in the direction of making your own bird’s feet and more elaborate habitat for you bird-bases.  Always take care to do everything in appropriate scale to your bird. It’s always the primary focus of your project.

Towards this end, I’m hosting a “Bonus Session” on April 10th for my current class (Red-headed Woodpecker).  I have  six students all day.  We’ll take a “Bag-lunch” break at noon and work on til  about 4p.m.  We’ll do some soldering, epoxying, ground-covers, leaves, twigs, feet, and who knows what all!

Since I only have six tables, we’re “full-up”! This is “for-free” except for a small fee for materials. Most will have their own Mini-=torches  and Butane fuel. Maybe, we’ll have a “paid-class” in the future for those interested.   Your comments are desired regarding who might interested in our next Habitat & Feet Class; you may respond below.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3



We  enjoyed the conclusion of our Winter Hiatus combined with the Kick-off of our Woodcarving Season.  Annually, this event is marked by our exhibiting in the Miami Valley Woodcarver’s Guild Show in Middletown, OH. This is always the second weekend in March to be followed by the first session of our own Spring Woodcarving Class  which is always on the second weekend in March. That means, this Saturday, we’ll begin carving the Red-headed Woodpecker. If you are on our e-mail notification list, you know about this already. if not, and if you’re interested in receiving notices of our Summer and Fall classes go to our Guest Book on this Blog’s Home Page and register for future notices,etc.

 A special feature of our Spring Class this year is a “bonus” session on week number 5; a Seminar on “Habitat & Bird Feet Construction”.  This is limited to the 4 carvers in this Class plus only 2 more for a total of 6 Hamonhaus Carvers.  If well received, this could be an ocassional feature with-in our class format. 
Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

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