Our recently held “*Very First Habitat Seminar at das Hamonhaus” was successful.  Time didn’t allow us to do more than several projects to completion. So, as a follow-up, we are reconvening tomorrow afternoon to share in *Our Very First Bird’s Feet Construction Seminar at das Hamonhaus.

In preparation for tomorrow, I spent about 5 hours yesterday making toe-charts, cutting leg & toe rods and soldering a pair of feet for my own Red headed Woodpecker. Since all of these same carvers recently attended our last seminar, they have already acquired their basic tools and have soldered their first leaves and twigs. I will include Custom Bird’s Feet Toe Charts in the Student’s Kits for all future Hamonhaus Wildfowl Carving Classes where wire feet are appropriate to the project.  I will also go over the other custom wire-bending tools which are useful in making habitat & bird’s feet.

These “Hamonhaus Carver’s” have been invited to these two “no-fee” ,  other than for materials, seminars as a perk for being either current or former enrollees in our schedule of classes.   For years, we have also offered the perk of  “weekly no-fee Carve-Ins” to our Hamonhaus Carvers. Bird carving isn’t for everyone, just as power-carving isn’t for everyone!  However, it you might be one of those of like mind to us, why aren’t you a Hamonhaus Carver? check-out our Schedule of Classes on this Blog from time to time and be in touch.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3