Our normal routine is to schedule all three class projects before the end of the preceding year. This is mainly for three reasons; to get our schedule published in Chip Chats, the house-organ” of the National Woodcarving Association, to post our schedule on this blog and to plan the session dates in our calendar. 30 days preceding the start-date for each class (Spring-Summer & Fall/Winter), we send an e-mail to our list announcing the pertinent details for enrollment.  Well, for this Spring Class, we found ourselves booked-up prior to the 30-day notice date!  No e-letter of details was sent until today.

We have decided to expand the sessions to an afternoon class as well as the traditional   morning class for this year’s summer Class only. .  The afternoon sessions will be 2-5p.m. That said, we have also made a few other revisions to our program; we hope for the better.  We will now offer only a Spring and a Summer Class each year, ending prior to Thanksgivng and the on-set of the Holiday Season.  In other words, our annual Winter Hiatus from teaching will be from around Thanksgiving until the second Saturday in March of each year.

Instead of 10 sessions, these will each consist of 12  3-hour sessions for each class and a maximum of 6 carvers each.  prices for 2011 will remain the same as for 2010.  “Carve-Ins”  are scheduled to continue  as usual during our “teaching season”  from 3-6p.m. most Thursdays.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3