American Kestrel

These projects are reprises of former classes I’ve taught Our 2011 Spring Class is the Bluejay.   This is our third time teaching it.  I believe I taught it in 1988 and again in 2000; so, this might well be it’s “last hurrah” at das Hamonhaus. I’ve personally carved five of them.

Our 2011 Summer Class is the “American Kestrel” of which, I’ve also carved five of them.

Notice several new changes to our curriculim; Only two class projects were  this year, next year and so forth.  Also notice that I’ve reprised the reduced tuition for yet another year as a “stymulus” you can believe in. Also, to benefit your student experience at das hamonhaus, classes are forever-more maxed-out at 6 students.  These changes also benefit the ol’ Carvingmeister, himself.  I suggest that last-minute enrollments didn’t work-out well this year.  Hopefully, those keenly interested in a space in one or in both of these new classes, will enroll a wee-bit earlier than is their normal custom.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3