Just when you think that you have  the hang of how to do something, everything tends to change again; hopefully for the better interest of everyone concerned!  There’s always that hope.  Some changes you have probably already known about and already understand:

1,)  Starting this year, we’ll only offer two class projects each year.

2.)  Also started this year, we’ll limit each class to six students  max  (hey, I only really have room for 6 tables).

3.)  This year’s 2010 tuition was reduced 10+%;  2011’s tuitions will also remain at this same   Hamonhausstimulus   reduced price.

4.)  Also started this year,  class projects run for 12 instead of 10 weeks of carving instruction.

Our standard practice of notification is to e-mail our e-mailing-list subscribers 30 days before the date of Class-session #1.  A week prior to that notice, I always advise-most-recently-active and current students about the new class.  All of those notified receive an  e-mailed letter accompanied by an enrollment form.  If an interested party has the sufficient desire regarding the future classes to sign-on to being on the list, they’ll hear about the classes in this manner.  We ceased to use Postage several years ago. For the first time in memory, my class enrolments were “Full” by the date the e-letter was to be sent out!  I suspect that all of the new enrollees were wanting to not miss out on getting into the class.  Additional students prevailed upon me to get in also; as a result, I will teach this 12 week class to two groups every Saturday.  Although I truly enjoy the experience, we do not intend to repeat it after this year.

Well, in the last week, several have approached me separately about early notification to insure their places in future classes.  I was even offered a deposit. As I told one (or both) of them, I actually want you in the classes more than you want to be in them.  I can’t take “too early” payment.  I don’t believe deposits are appropriate. Upon reflection and seeing the need for accommodation of some kind, I have decided to accept  full-payments only for either or both class-projects for  any given year on or after the first day of January for that same year. This policy takes effect on January 1, 2011.  This can be added as Change #5) to the above list.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3