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* Carve-Ins Move From Thursdays to Wednesdays

Hello Carvers ( & U.S.Marines): I’ve tentatively accepted additional responsibility at my Marine Corps League Detachment.  It actually starts now and will be on-going. Problem is that our Thursday Carve-Ins are in conflict with my Marine meetings. This E-Mail is addressed to my current and former Carvers. This week, our Carve-In is still on Thursday, September 16, 3-6p.m. Our new Wednesday schedule begins next week on Wednesday, September 22,  3-6p.m.,   I dislike changes as much as anyone else. This one works best for me. Our final carve-in this year will be on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.  That’s kind of cool because the Marine Corps’s 235th Birthday is the following Thursday on 10 November 2010 and we at
das Hamonhaus always celebrate this occasion.

Semper Fi

Happy birding and woodcarving, Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3


*Things Are Good!

40@14 in Turning Lathe on Stand

I was “gifted” this 10 year-old lathe a year or two ago by one of my carving-buddies, Jim Callahan. It came without the base but did include about a dozen turning tools in various conditions.  It’s by Central Machinery and is widely distributed by Harbor Freight. Jim also brought the used-2x4s and built the two work-benches in my shop.  Callahan is one of my favorite woodcarvers because of his personality, generosity and, oh yes, he’s extremely talented in many areas. Well, I happen to have a number of friends who fall into these same categories.  Larry Long (aka L3) is certainly another one.  Larry would have to plead “guilty” to having built our built-in curio-cabinet in our great-room, the oak-leaf in our antique oak pedestal table and my band-saw’s resaw-fence.  I asked Larry to examine my 12 Lathe turning tools and help me to get them sharpened as might be needed. Turns out that half of them are going into our up-coming garage sale and the other half are already sharp.  Larry came by to get me jump-started on my lathe. I’ve promised my current class of seven carvers to a walnut base each.  I’ve band-sawed 11 round  blanks  7 x 1.75″  Larry brought over a few of his own tools to demo for me. He showed me his new-style finisher tool which has a half-inch carbide disc screwed onto the tools tip. It can be rotated when a section dulls, to a sharp section. This could last for years before the disc might require replacing at a fairly modest cost.  Within a few days, I had my own Easy-Tool.  With Larry’s help, I turned my first Round Walnut Base while he was here. Last night I turned my second base in a short period of time.  Not a woodcarver (actually, more of a CPA), another good friend is Zane Haught.  A few years ago at lunch (we meet for lunch about weekly and have for many years), I must have mentioned something about wanting a table saw (I still do!).  Zane said “Have I got a deal for you”! Within an hour, following our lunch, we together schlepped his old Craftsman Radial-Arm Saw & Table from his shop to mine; whew! Callahan’s two work-benches were made to sit on either side of this saw and match it on height & depth of work surface.  A few weeks ago, Zane said that my shop (aka: detached garage) needed shelving.  He took measurements.  Maybe, a week later, he returned with his tools and all of the lumber and braces he had personally pre-made. Let me just say that a few days later, all of the braces and all of the lumber was in place without a brace or a board left over; shelves on three walls!  Don’t get me get started about Don Ward, Bruce Reese and a host of others. I could go on and on in this post about the kindness of others, but you get the idea.   It’s true, Ol’ Bill trys to get by on the cheap! It’s either that or, stay at home.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

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