We’ve exhibited in most of these  shows sponsored by the Dayton Carving Guild since 1988, my first year of carving. My teacher, Bob Wenning insisted that I enter my 2d bird-carving (ever) in the Ma Hai Feng Novice category.    I was pleased as punch just to win an honorable mention green ribbon.

My  very same Saw-whet Owl went on to it’s next show in Troy, OH where it won a red ribbon in it’s category (not Novice) and sold the first  hour for $300.00!

Artistry in Wood represents to us, the largest and most competitive show in our limited range; it’s a “must do” show for hundreds of carvers.  We don’t enjoy the effort and expense of traveling far to do “our thang”! In 1991 (when my Miata was manufactured in Japan), June offered to “show our birds” at AIW because I was still in the hospital following my first open-heart surgery. She and daughter Michelle did so and took a video of it for me to see. She sold our first Hummingbird that weekend. Every experience is magnified in that show due to it’s extraordinarily large scale.

A few other highlights:

* We were thrilled to have several dozen of “our” Hamonhaus Carvers” drop by and  say hello.

*  The most customer traffic that we can ever recall seeing anywhere.

*  Met famous Carver/Author Rosalyn Daisey ( I own nearly all of her books) who is very gracious. she’s putting the finishing touches on her new book about furry animals. Yes, even me, the “birds-only-guy” fully expect to buy her new book.  I’ve always wanted a “chipmunk”!

*  8 new contacts signed-up on our “yellow pad” to be contacted for new classes in the future. That’s where 99% of our students come from!

*Consulted with World Class Carver/Teacher Kenny Vermillion about coming to his Indiana home soon to learn some of his habitat techniques. I’ve wanted to do this for years.

*Consulted with Ken Alvey to come to his Indiana Home next year  when he again hosts Bob Guge as a teacher.

*Discussed with a family to teach a “Beginners” class to  them this fall/winter!  Imagine that!

*  I was commissioned by a wood-worker who makes furniture to carve a bird-finial for a replica high-boy bom-chest.

* I am invited to be again, one of the 3  2011 Judges at the Miami Valley Carver’s Guild Show , Middletown, OH, the first weekend of March.

* Our Ring-necked Pheasant (1/2 Sz) came in 2d Place in it’s category, “Birds of Prey and Game Birds”. with a Red Ribbon. 4 Weeks ago, it took the “Blue” in Cincinnati, coming in just ahead of our Great Horned Owl, which won the “Red” and was immediately sold  at it’s show-debut. At AIW, our Pheasant was bested handily by Ken Alvey’s Great Horned Owl . All of Ken’s birds are great. We feel that a “Red” at AIW is like a “Blue” elsewhere! We’re very pleased.

Thanks for “tuning in”…and as usual, keep those bird-feeders filled!

Happy birding and carving, Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3