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*A Favorite Christmas Tradition

Each year, Christmas eases into our consciousness before we realize it. I cringe when retailers put up Christmas decorations before and around Thanksgiving. It usually dawns on me and I get the first sensation of Christmas along with a whiff of the spirit of the season at a very special time; shopping with daughter Michelle for June’s gifts.  Since she was small, Michelle and I set a date each year for our shopping forray. June is always coerced to produce a short list of gifts she might accept (she stays home whilst we cavort, shop & dine).  We know it’s very wise of us to only go to stores that will be convenient for June to return many of the gifts to.


For a number of years when this all first  started as a lark, little, and then, not so little (but always pretty) Michelle would choose whatever restaurant she wished for the two of us to eat dinner at. In later years, after decades of selective experimentation, we typically go to Skyline. Then, in her role as “Navigator & Personal-Shopper”, she directs us from one store to the next until “touch-down”!  Returning home, I take all of the bags from my car’s trunk and put them into her car’s trunk. The next time the gifts are seen by anyone, is when they arrive for the families’ dinner and sharing on Christmas Day. Michelle and Jerry tote them inside and strew them beneath our tree with the others.  First, the feast and then the plunder; lots of grins, giggles, hugs and perhaps even a few tears.


Well, it was just last night when we both  got the pleasant and happy wiff & spirit of the season; we did it right, as usual. Love you sweetie….Dad


Merry Christmas to all…from Bill & June



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Elaine’s Question: (Excerpted)

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