Subject: Sharpening a Burning-Burning Tip
Hey Bill,
Have you ever had the need to sharpen your burning tip when burning feathers?  If so, how.  Sometimes I feel mine is dulling up.  Thoughts?


To conveniently sharpen my tips in the past, I’ve adhered about 1 1/2″ of fine-grit “Emory” or “Swiss” paper (sticky on one side) to the top of my wood-burner. In this photo, my Woodburner is velcroed on top of my Micro-Motor. Simply “hone” the dulled-tip lightly across the  sanding-strip to taste (?). Not everyone advises this practice since sharp-tips can equate to deeper burn-marks which equate to paint problems when the paint “pools” at the bottom of the burn and reflects excessive-light which reveals lesser realistic effects than desired. With this in mind, I actually never sharpen anymore! You be your own judge!  I think you’re still “on” for “Eagle-Paint” Feb 4th(?)…p.s: we were talking about you just today.
Happy birding and carving,  Bill
Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3