K.Vermillion’s Chickadee
Kenny Vermillion
Sam Hudson and Bob Hewitt
A Section of the Work-Spaces


Carving Buddies Sam Hudson, Bob Hewitt and I left Dayton, OH at 6a.m. Wednesday to attend a “two-day-private” Habitat Workshop presided by World Class Carver Kenny Vermillion.  Kenny and I have discussed my visit to his home in Terre Haute, IN for several years. Finally, it was our opportunity to do it. I asked if I could bring two of my carving buddies along. We booked rooms nearby and arrived for day number one.  Kenny and I had previously discussed an out-line of topics. Well, he exceeded our out-line and kept the tips and techniques coming.  For two days, we covered techniques and tips on carving, painting, pattern-making, clay models, band-saw tips, power-bit selections, composition, leaf-and twig carving and painting, etc.  Firstly, his workshop is great for teaching. We each had a well-designed, comfortable work-space that any carver would love to have in their own home. Kenny’s Hoosier Hospitality took over and we all had a blast.  And to answer your unasked question, yes, I did “paint” a leaf.   And, yes, I’ll probably allow June to teach me to paint a bird!  Someday, maybe…Like the old sentimental travelogues of old, we finally reluctantly drove away from Kenny’s Winter Wonderland and into the cold, snow-covered expanses of the express-ways, headed home. Bob drove his SUV and we did very well; no mishaps.  A last word about the “paint”!  I’ll simply quote the “Man’s Prayer” from Possum Lodge’s Red & Green Show, “I’m a man and I can change if I have to, I guess”…

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3
Bald Eagle #3