Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

We’ve been without a PC for over two weeks! No Blog, No E-Mail, etc.  Our new PC & Printer was delivered yesterday and I’m still working on it to get back up to speed. So, I’m mentioning a few up-dates FYI and a promise to be settled back into a normal routine soon.

* For those of you who e-mail us, we’re back!

* For those of you who have my cell-phone address, I now text also!  If you want it, e-mail me for it.

*For those who want me to have your e-mail address for whatever, just e-mail me about it.

*For anyone interested in our up-coming Spring Class on the Bluejay, (2d Sat. in Mar.), we have only two openings remaining. Contact us now.

*For anyone interested in our Summer Class on the American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk), we also have only two openings remaining. Contact us now.

*Our first Woodcarving Show this year is the Middletown Show, the first weekend of March. I’m to be one of the judges and June is to present her demo on Painting birds and feathers.

*Our current project is to complete the finishing touches on the Eastern Bluebird.

*My next project is to carve this year’s series of 6 Shore-Bird  Stick Decoys to mostly be donated to this year’s shows where-ever we attend their banquets. Each year for 6 years we have done so with a different  species. This year it’s the Artic Tern.

* For those Hamonhaus Carvers who participate in our free Carve-Ins (Weds. 2-5p.m.), they’re in full swing at this time.

* I recommend that anyone interested in  attending a class or a carve-in ,  first check the Calendar of Events & Classes page of this blog to verify the schedule before attending a class or a carve-in. All such are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3