The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

Nah! That’s not a “party-pic”, or is it! No, that’s the Carving & Paint Meisters frolicking at Schmidt’s Sausagehaus in German Village some time ago. But, to continue about our “big” 50th Anniversary Party which was at our churches’ Family Life Center two days ago. We totaled 112-120 guests, lots of food featuring tons of shrimp, wraps, whatever…Daughter Michelle personally crafted a wonderful power-point slide show accompanied by the music of our lives.  It was terrific!  She and our  son Rick more than “picked-up” the tab for the gala. (Ca-Ching!)  Grand-daughter Alexa helped endlessly, as did favorite niece Sarah. Alexa modeled (walked the run-way) June’s original Wedding Gown; how beautiful she is!  Favorite nephew Christopher came into town to make an appearance as well.  Son Rick and lovely wife Lisa came, bringing their little grand-daughter (our great-grand-daughter) Makala. Lisa spent most of her time taking the official party-photos which we can’t wait to receive from her and to post.


June’s sister Susan was in charge (did and donated) the floral and all of the table decor and much more. She achieved great ambiance and mood in the room.  Huge job, well done. Grand-daughter Nicole manned the Welcome Desk beautifully. We featured a table of our wood-carvings which drew a lot of interest from many.  We were thrilled to have a few tables of our wood-carving friends present as well.  A second cake was unveiled as a surprise for me; a Red Miata Sports car, replete with us in the seats and tin-cans tied to it’s rear. ZOOM, Zoom, zoom…I don’t know if anyone noticed me standing to attention when the slide-show music played the Marine Corps Hymn. That’s just a “Marine” thing.  We had a 20-Questions Game which June and I moderated from the mike; all about us. Fun!  Several came to the mike to read their prepared memories of a “Happy or Funny” thing about us. Daughter Michelle and Grand-daughter Alexa led-off, presenting us with an Official Certificate signed by Governor Kaisic of Ohio followed by Sharon Troute and then Grady Troute.   Zane Haught had written a wonderful poem which he read and ad-libbed with his special CPA brand of wit and humor. Shalmah Cogdell Prince, Betty Raish , J.D. Cash, and lastly,   Chester Shockley followed with a framed Collage of us winning a Oldie’s Dating Game Contest and wearing our Golden Crowns of Victory.

Many Family and Friends pitched-in to make this possible and to do much of the heavy-lifting before, during and after the party. The Friends included Tom Stokes, Betty and Sam Raish, Roger Simmons, David Anspaugh, Jeff Covey, J.D. Cash, Jim and Beth Rogers, Margaret Ringle, Don and Yvonne Painter. Many more assisted with the stowing of chairs and tables afterwards. Our graditude and love go out to all for your loving toil to make our day as perfect as was possible.

So, we’ll end this posting with our love and appreciation extended fully to every guest, family member and friend who conspired, donated and slaved to deliver this bigger-than-life party for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you for being in our lives. You did Good!

Love, Bill and June