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Merry Christmas to all from June and I, your “sometimes” humble Carving-Meister. No snow is in sight and, I’m “good” with that. Since we all were, more or less, together fairly regularly, I want you to know that I’ve not been very productive, “carving-wise” lately!  By the time we manage to commence our “Winter-Hiatus” each fall, I’m far more ready for it than I can ever realize. June has taught a painting-session or two. My cluttered work-area remains even more “cluttered” with the piled-on boxes that stored our decorations from season to season. It’s clear that January will signal our time to “dig-out” and get the bug to erase all signs of the past-holidays.  I will get the ball-rolling on my Spring Class, the Cedar Wax-wing. The “hand-outs” are all prepared and now, to get the tupeo and do your blanks.

I’ve changed a few of my normal-activities recently, to a view of “loosening-up” my schedule for the growing “priorities”  and tightening it against the dimenishing priorities. No, I’m not getting rid of my Miata Sportscar; only of one of them if I can find a buyer. Relax; I prefer to sell to a stranger (and, you’re no stranger!).   However, I’ve lost interest in the direction the Miami Valley Miata Club is going but still have a few friends there. My membership will expire in about 9 days and, remain expired. Although I remain a “Lifetime Member of the Marine Corps League, I’ve little interest in attending future meetings. My “Marine-ness” will not suffer for it!

We spend much time in the company of family, close friends and the fellow-ship of our church. Get it?; I mean about the “priorities.”  You’re probably in more than one of those groups. I’m happy to see these continue to develop and flourish in the future. So, don’t give-up on us as we will continue for the present, to share our art with those who wish to participate. We  sure hope that includes yourself. I should become available as soon as the dust settles around here in another week or two. Let’s try to get together soon.

So, check-in when you feel like it. Our wishes are that you and your’s remember the reason for the season, be merry, well and prosperous.  Also, keep those bird-feeders filled.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,    Bill and June

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3