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*This Blog’s Been Running for Three Years Today!

Three + years ago, on New Year’s Eve 2008, I pulled the plug on my three co-running web-sites; some of you may remember one or more of them. They had effectively run for many years. The one with the most visitors was “Bill’s Miata”, with over 100,000 visitors. That one and the “Bill’s U.S.M.C.” had frequent contacts of one kind and another, from many different states and countries. Marines just like to be in touch with one another.

One reason that caused me to become interested in web-sites so long ago, was it provided an organized mode with with to “stow & share” my various memorabelia; photos, facts, events and memories. Some of those old “doors” to the past get rusty and finally do close forever. This may be one way for me to “linger” a while longer. A little over three years ago, I tired a-bit on the web-site maintenance and the costs involved. As I tend to do sometimes, I “knee-jerked” them down, all at one time on a New Year’s Eve.

Well, some good ideas don’t die that easily! On January 20, 2009, I reopened them all in a new and free blog format.  Today, is their third anniversary. I think that they still provide the same services as before to me and to others. I’m happy to announce that this one has exceeded a total of 7200 visitors in that time. That’s more than a few every day (nearly 7 per day). These never include my own visits.

Behind it all, is my desire to enhance my own interests in my own eyes; and to linger a while longer.

I enjoy it when you drop by.  Why don’t you linger here awhile too.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3


*Time to Evaluate My Hiatus

Cedar Waxwing

The weather has been warmer than it normally is at this time of the year. We’ve been occupied with family, holidays and home, house & yard projects mostly. No Florida this year because most of our “Snow-Bird” friends have clipped their own wings as well.  Because I’ve re-scheduled our traditional Spring Class to start about a month later than in former years, there’s no rush to prepare for it. It begins  Saturday, April 21, 2012. It’s the Cedar Wax-wing songbird, again.

Our “garage-work-shop-class-room” is in pretty good shape now, having moved the seasonal decor boxes back to the detached garage until they again required for seasonal-displays. .  The “detached” happens to also be where my Miata Sports-car lives along with my work-benches and wood-working tools. My newest tool-acquisition happens to be a discarded Delta Portable Planer Model 22-560 which was recently gifted-to-me by carving-buddy Jack Kunz.  He’s a very accomplished “wood-worker” as well. It was my great luck that he up-graded his planer recently. While picking it up a few days ago, the subject of golf came up and I left there with two of his also upgraded and discarded Ping Fairway Hybrid clubs.  Ping is my brand!

Back to re-evaluating my hiatus. We like to be off of the carving-calendar from Thanksgiving until the commencement our Spring Class. The obvious exception to the rule is the Middletown Woodcarver’s Show, the first weekend of March. We pushed-back our Spring Class because the weather seldom is cooperative in March.  I’m frugel enough to resist “heating” our premises unnecessarily starting in March.

So, I expect to start working on my wax-wing blanks pretty soon. I also need to get my 2012 Class Schedules to Chip-Chats Magazine anytime now. I have the patterns and other paperwork pretty much ready. So it goes when you decide to teach.

Pretty soon, I hope to reach-out to one or two of you. I expect I need to be carving myself and I enjoy a little company when I’m having this much fun. Hope that all is well. We are now commencing our 25th year of wood-carving.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3




*Eagle Scout Michael Ringle with His Hamonhaus Bald Eagle

We, along with his family and friends,  are very proud of our friend Michael Ringle on becoming an Eagle ScoutHow fitting that his parents chose to award him with this gift of a Bald Eagle woodcarving by us to commemorate his fine achievement.

*Golf in My World!

I have reason to believe that at one time or another, you’ve actually “swung” a golf club! If not yourself, a member of your household. The following is no “big-deal” unless you happen to be me.  A carving buddy, Jack Kunz, gifted me a couple of his golf clubs today which happen to have been on my wish-list for several years.
Let me go back about three golf-seasons, to the year I was asked by two separate individuals, to show them how to “hit-a-golf-ball”. If you do actually know me, you are already laughing; I’m the last one to show anyone how to hit a golf-ball. One of these individuals was my grand-daughter, Michelle Marie. In the process of teaching her to hit with her “borrowed” clubs, she mentioned how much she would like to have a “hybrid” fairway club. It so happened that I had just acquired such a club at a charity-golf-outing and was quite taken with it. I gave it to her and have planned ever since to replace it. Footnote: She did make her high-school golf team that year. She soon gave up golf to be in the school’s chorus. She returned the borrowed clubs to the school, but she still retains Grandpa’s Hybrid.
Back to friend Jack at his manse earlier today. He had recently called to offer a gift to me of his Delta Planer which he is replacing with an up-graded one. I quickly accepted his generous offer and waited for his call to pick it up. The call came yesterday and I drove to his home to get it. The planer is a welcomed addition to my work-shop. While standing in his shop, the subject of golf came up, as well as his brand new set of Calloway Golf Clubs. His new set includes two Hybrids. I mentioned how that I hope to get around to getting a hybrid myself. All of a sudden Jack handed me from a nearby shelf, his Ping (my brand) two hybrids that were just replaced by his nifty Calloways; they are 18 & 24 degree fairway-clubs.
Well, they’re in my bag now until spring. I found and downloaded the attached Hybrid-Iron Conversion Chart to help me select the clubs to replace in my bag. You can see it below if this is of   interest to you:
Consult the relevant chart
below to determine what the
hybrid angle to look for
replacing a standard club.
Mens Hybrid Loft Conversion
Guide Hybrid Angle
Club Replaced
14° – 16° 3 wood or 1 iron
17° – 19° 5 wood or 2 iron
20° – 22° 7 wood or 3 iron
23° – 25° 9 wood or 4 iron
26° – 28° 5 iron
Apparently, I have a pre-mature case of cabin-fever and winter’s barely here. You “Snow-Birds” can rub-it-in if you wish.
Happy New Year and Play it as it lies!

*My 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 is Still For Sale!

*My 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 is Still For Sale on Craigslist! Check out the huge price reduction and ad now:

ZOOM, Zoom, zoom….Bill

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