Cedar Waxwing

The weather has been warmer than it normally is at this time of the year. We’ve been occupied with family, holidays and home, house & yard projects mostly. No Florida this year because most of our “Snow-Bird” friends have clipped their own wings as well.  Because I’ve re-scheduled our traditional Spring Class to start about a month later than in former years, there’s no rush to prepare for it. It begins  Saturday, April 21, 2012. It’s the Cedar Wax-wing songbird, again.

Our “garage-work-shop-class-room” is in pretty good shape now, having moved the seasonal decor boxes back to the detached garage until they again required for seasonal-displays. .  The “detached” happens to also be where my Miata Sports-car lives along with my work-benches and wood-working tools. My newest tool-acquisition happens to be a discarded Delta Portable Planer Model 22-560 which was recently gifted-to-me by carving-buddy Jack Kunz.  He’s a very accomplished “wood-worker” as well. It was my great luck that he up-graded his planer recently. While picking it up a few days ago, the subject of golf came up and I left there with two of his also upgraded and discarded Ping Fairway Hybrid clubs.  Ping is my brand!

Back to re-evaluating my hiatus. We like to be off of the carving-calendar from Thanksgiving until the commencement our Spring Class. The obvious exception to the rule is the Middletown Woodcarver’s Show, the first weekend of March. We pushed-back our Spring Class because the weather seldom is cooperative in March.  I’m frugel enough to resist “heating” our premises unnecessarily starting in March.

So, I expect to start working on my wax-wing blanks pretty soon. I also need to get my 2012 Class Schedules to Chip-Chats Magazine anytime now. I have the patterns and other paperwork pretty much ready. So it goes when you decide to teach.

Pretty soon, I hope to reach-out to one or two of you. I expect I need to be carving myself and I enjoy a little company when I’m having this much fun. Hope that all is well. We are now commencing our 25th year of wood-carving.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3