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This week-end will be our traditional “kick-off” of our “wood-carving” year. as usual, there will be a few changes!  We will be at the Middletown, OH Show to mix, mingle and exhibit.  Since our bevy of carvings-on-hand tends to dwindle, our table will be a “little-lighter than usual. Hopefully, that will be somewhat remedied by the Brukner Show, Troy, OH. in May.  (new location & new dates)  By then, we will have commenced our Spring Wood-Carving Class on April 21st; the Cedar Wax-wing Songbird (again).    To jump the gun a little, we will accept registrations (spelled: “checks”)  for that class, now!  Feel free to do this at the show this weekend if you so desire. Consequently, our Wednesday “Carve-ins” will  commence from 2-5p.m. weekly for all past & current “Hamonhaus Carvers” on Wednesday, April 25th; meaning, for all of our students (only).  Our Summer Class will be the “Little Green Heron” commencing on July 21st, 2012. It’s our “first-ever” Water bird”. Who knows whatever this new bird-group might lead to; other Herons?  Loons?  Ducks?  Scary; right!  Please remember, we will only ever accept 6 carvers per class (for the good of all).  First come, first served, as per usual. (Festival-Registration, hehe)   Registrations for the Summer Heron Class will be accepted as of May 15th. As usual, Reminder-E-Mails will go out to our “short” mailing-list 30-Days before Classes commence.

Please adopt the habit of consulting this blog-site for possible changes to our Calendar of Events or Wood-carving Show Schedules. I will, as usual, endeavor to keep these current at all times. Due to our show-schedules and national holiday week-ends, we will have the customary interruptions to our classes.  This, is a “good” thing which makes us eager to regroup and to carry on.

Each of you are good friends as well as being  our “carving-buddies”. I try to provide ample opportunities for you to visit and “just carve”. That’s why we created the free-carve-ins years ago.


Happy birding and carving,    Bill


Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3