June & Bill

I’ve actually been asked if my “Bird-Watching” led me towards becoming a “Bird-Woodcarver”; nope, it was definitely the other way around. Up until 1988 when I took my first wood-carving beginner’s class, I was indifferent towards “birds”; not for them nor, against them. Most of them were simply LBBs to me, or “Little Brown Birds”. Purely happenstance that our beginner’s class carved a Cardinal and that my teacher just happened to be a “bird-carver”; an ol “German Woodcarver” at that. Two dozen years later and I’ve become that ol’ German Woodcarver! Following the Cardinal carving, my next two classes that I took in 1988 were also birds; the Saw-whet Owl and the American Kestrel (opened wings).  By the end of that year, I had also taught my first class which was the Bluejay. 

Exceptions to the rule include the time my teacher asked me to teach a class for him, which I did. He gave me a small instructional book and some wood to carve and to teach a small (8″?) Santa Claus. Afterwards, I gave it to him as my gift. I didn’t care for the project nor the pattern. The only other exception that I can recall is the time that June “harped” on me for a few years to carve some “Old World Santas” to give away as gifts to our small handful of BFFs. I tried to bargain with her, once I realized that my refusals were not going to succeed. I said that I would do the deed if she would draw the pattern. Her refusal did succeed as always and I did the entire project; except for the paint.  She prescribed five santas so, I carved six. I thought we should keep that extra one for ourselves. She thought of another friend. We didn’t get one and I’m never carving another one.

We’ve carved several hundred birds and don’t consider the half-dozen that live with us as being “ours”. If someone wants to buy them, we can’t afford to keep them; too pricy for us.  We consider these remaining  birds as our “exhibit”.  You might see me eventually carve  a small critter; i.e: Chip Monk, Snail, Cray-fish, Butterfly, Ladybug, Sunfish, etc. It will be for the likely purpose of adorning one of our bird-carvings as habitat on the base. Or, maybe just because I’ve always wanted a Chip Monk (if only I can find a good carver to do it)  hehe.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3