Maybe a few of you can recall years ago, when I would schedule classes all through the year, including winter!  Well, I struggled with the concept of heating my garage-class-room as well as the necessity of removing snow and ice from my (large-ish) driveway and walks. My snow-shoveling days are over! For these primary reasons, I discontinued teaching in the “off-season”. I don’t even “carve” in the “off-season”! 

Trying to schedule my “Carving Season” vs. my “Winter Sabatical” has swerved both ways, up until Christmas and back to before  Thanksgiving. Well, here we go again with another  per-mutation to meet the needs of as many of us as possible. It’s true, that today will be the last scheduled of the ten-weekly carving/teaching sessions of my Summer Class, the Green Heron. However, the sessions will continue on a “Carve-In” basis, as long as the interest level and the weather permits.

We still have three scheduled Woodcarving Shows to exhibit in during October and November. So, it’s likely that we’ll conform with my ideal time to stop teaching activities, by Thanksgiving. I hope to personally do some carving whenever I feel like it. I have “countless” projects that deserve completion. Even tho I don’t expect to ever pick-up a snow shovel again, I do expect to heat-up the garage so that I can be comfortable, in my zone, listening to my toons and carving away.

One last comment about my projects. I must state for the record that I am not a repairer-of-broken woodcarvings. However, I will try to assist the repair of a broken woodcarving for someone who purchased it from me. So, how can I explain to my-self how I now have on hand several broken-birds from different parts of the country that are waiting for my attention.  More on that topic later; maybe.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3