Wood Duck Drake

In my previous posting referring to repairing broken wood-carvings, I can mention that one of them is a Wood Duck Drake which has a broken bill. As most of you might know, I’ve never been tempted to carve a Duck! Not even a Waterbird of any kind until my current Smmer Class Project, The Little Green Heron. This particular repair actually led me to purchase a study-beak, pattern and (why not) a set of eyes. While I was in pre-ordering mode, I asked the carvers that were with me that day if they wanted me to order for them also. They did. Guess what? We’re now contemplating  an “off-the-books” project to carve the Wood Duck Drake as a “Carve-In” Project. Basically it’s NOT a class so, we each will only pay-for or acquire our own materials!  We alsow ill basically carve together or apart at our own speed.

We’re at the juncture where we will discuss the pattern modifications (separate for each of us?) and the size of the individual wood-blocks to be ordered soon. It’s looking like a “Winter Project”. Will try to keep you posted as we go.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3