2012 Middletown Show

This weekend we’ll be at Artistry in Wood, Vandalia, OH at the Dayton Int’l. Airport Exhibition Center. This is our last hoorah for 2012 and, we’re already penciling-in our traditional five shows for 2013. We’ve critiqued our selections (as we do from time to time) with an eye to cutting back a little more, all of the time. We can’t think of any we’d willingly give up at this time. This “cutting-back” has nothing to do with “diminished-capacity on our part (at least, not yet);  but, I feel that everything that we are curtailing, has previously diminished the level of my personal carvings. We also can not continue to offer the painting classes for such a low a flat-fee.  Some carvers took days to do their project’s painting.  Future painting-classes would be at an hourly-rate, should there be a need for them.  Distractions of all kinds are costly to the excellence of the carvings. See my point? It obviously remains to be seen if I am correct or not.

In the spirit of “cutting-back”, I don’t expect to judge or demo at any future shows, as we have over the past years.  We don’t expect to teach “group-classes” anymore, either. What we do expect to continue with-out much, if any, alteration, is our carving, painting, shows and weekly “Carve-Ins (in season).  I’m planning on taking my 2d work-shop with Bird-Carver Bob Guge, next October at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show.

Church friend and neighbor, Tom S. “Gifted” me his “elderly” Rockwell table saw yesterday, which he has already replaced with a “still-in-the-box”, new one. I’ve wanted one forever and now, I have one. It’s primary use will be the same as my other “gifted” shop-tools; making bases for my bird-carvings. My friends have “gifted” so many vintage-shop-tools to me that I don’t know whether to set-up a “shop” or a “museum”! Just sayin’.

A last word about our Carve-Ins; These have always been available to only “Hamonhaus Carvers” and, they know who they are. They are anyone who ever paid class-fees to attend one of our regular woodcarving classes.  This keeps the sessions intimate and among old friends, not new ones. These Carve-Ins will dribble-down to nil eventually and become another foot-note to our Wildfowl Artist’s careers. How very appropriate.  Just like that old poem about the “10 little Indians”; “and then, there were none”.

We’ve surmised that we have processed hundreds of carvers thru “Das Hamonhaus” and, have carved several-hundreds of birds (they are all #’d, you know). We believe that there are many carver’s who will recall techniques from time-to-time, shared with them for the first time by the ol’ miesters of Das Hamonhaus.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3