Hello Carving Buddys: 

Now that we’re no longer teaching, that’s my new status. It feels pretty good. It’s difficult after 25 years, to focus inwards instead of outwards. That’s actually what was behind my decision to not teach next year. My own wood-carving was suffering a-bit from my own negligence and busy schedule.

My short-term strategy was to continue the mid-week Carve-Ins whenever the weather permitted. That was short-sighted of me because no-one ever really knew where they stood or, if I would be carving any particular week. I tried putting that on an RSVP basis. That doesn’t work after-all because that keeps me on call, should any-one call-in their RSVP. Poor plan all-round. Carve-Ins are indefinitely suspended. If, they are resurrected, I will notify accordingly.

I felt that this much more explanation was needed. There; we’re done. Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving. Call on me if I can ever be of assistance; one “Carving Buddy” to another.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3