Greetings from Das Hamonhaus:

We want to keep friends, family and woodcarver-friends informed on our related woodcarving activities. We are so proud and encouraged, though observing from afar, the accomplishments of our students. You are all so talented; not only in carving birds, but in all of your endeavors.

It’s been an entire year since we discontinued our schedule of classes. It was a good decision. Since then, we’ve only attended the Sauder Village Show, Archbold, OH. Although we signed-up to attend it again this month on the 25th & 26th, I canceled it today to fore-go the hassle, expense and pressure on our schedule, not to mention the physical effort. I think we’ve put the final crimp in our extra-curricular-wood-teaching activities for the greater good. No more shows are fore-seen for us in the future.

We’ll always remember, very fondly, those two tables of our  wood-carver-friends, at our 50th Anniversary Party three+ years ago. You made us very proud then too. Be sure to call upon us in the future in any event that we might be helpful or to lend assistance. It is my intention to keep the web-site going. It was created to be an aid to carvers (& fun for me). Along those lines, I still covet those photos that I receive from you via: e-mail attachments for inclusion in your portfolio page on the web-site. I have been obstructed by circumstances of my own making as well as those I can’t control, from keeping those pages up-dated & maintenanced. If you don’t have a portfolio age with me, I will create it upon receiving a photo of your carving(s) & descriptions. If you have already submitted such and it’s not on the site, please just send it again. No limit, nor does the project need to be exclusively “birds” or, of/in wood.

I’d say for certain that collectively, we’re sure not a club, maybe, just a “force of nature”.

Happy Carving, Bill Hamon