Previously, I’ve commented that June & I decided to retire from the 26+ years career we shared, teaching Wildfowl Woodcarving & Painting to many students for reasons mentioned at that time, which was in the Fall of 2013.  Consequently, I simply haven’t felt like picking-up my tools and carving, since then!

My “work-in-progress” and “my tools” are still on my work-table where they lay abandoned until yesterday.  I sat down in my Wooden Swivel Carving chair , phoned Amazon  and ordered a replacement band-saw blade for the broken blade on my Jet 14″ band-saw.  I then, some-what straightened-up  and re-arranged my carving area. Sitting-down, I turned on my music and picked-up the well-started American Kestrel and “tuned it up”, for over an hour with my knife. I’ve felt good about this little mile-stone ever since and look forward to sitting-down and carving some more, very soon.

We’re very proud of the many carvers we have taught since the fall of 1988; which, by the way, was my first year of wood-carving, as well. I’d love to carve here with any former Hamonhaus Carvers, who are like-minded.

Happy Carving and Keep those feeders filled,