Hamonhaus in the Fall 1 (2)  das Hamonhaus in Autumn  2015!

Our yard is typically awash in piles and mounds of colorful leaves; mostly, on the ground. The photo on the left is from a few weeks ago.  Those leaves are a big part of the reason there is now, after 21 yrs+, there is a “For Sale” sign in our front yard. The leaves in the roof-gutters are included. Also, the general up-keep of the yard, etc., etc.!

We have zero appetite for chores, fixing, repairing, replacing, re-painting, re-planting, maintenance, pruning, grass-cutting and snow-removal. I can’t count the trees we’ve had removed from here. Last summer and fall, we binged on having the great people at Pella Windows come in the inspect the Wood-framed Casement Windows original to the 30+ yr-old home. They were getting difficult here and there to close tightly in the winter. Two capable men took 1 1/2 hrs to re-adjust & lube every window (14?). Although, they proudly informed us, parts for this very popular window-model are still available, none are needed at the present time!  Of course, we expected a much more severe diagnosis. They wrote-out my bill and I wrote their check; $90.00. The Windows may still be my favorite feature of this house. Yes; they are all closed tightly for Winter; June had no need of my help this time.

For three years +, we’ve had the grass cut for us. For the past two years +, we’ve had someone else remove the snow. We have decided to find with God’s help, just the right 2BR, 2-car Garage, w/Gas-Fire-place CONDO, as close to our church as possible! I don’t want to change Churches, Movie Houses, Friends, Enemies, Barber, Kroger’s, Gun Store or Shooting Ranges. We have no “Sno-Bird” dreams, nor any thoughts to re-locate elsewhere. We’ve decided to be buried with most of my family at the Vine Street Cemetery in Cincinnati; in their Veterans area (and yes, it will have either U.S.Marine or USMC on my head-stone). I share this because you must be a friend to be reading it. These matters are already bringing us joy to contemplate. You can help us now (seriously) by praying regularly for God to sell this house out from under us!

Since, I’ve done my entire wood-carving career in my garage work-shop, no changes there. Call or text me before coming by because, we are rolling stones and wouldn’t want to miss you.


Until later, Bill

Wildlife is for Carving

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3