Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

Elaine, to answer your question, my intentions are to seldom have carve alone (on Wednesdays). Whilst June & I have definitely ceased our Group Class Teachings, “I” am going to continue the on-going-4-Season Carve-Ins on most Wednesdays between 2-5p.m.  (as before, except for the 4-season part). As for the four-seasons part, I do not ever again plan to shovel-snow! So, severe or icy weather is out of the question. I will try to be as faithful as ever in keeping my blog’s Calendar of Events current at all times. Please learn to consult it as a matter of routine when planning your trips here.

My cell phone remains a “happy place” whenever I hear from any of you; so, feel free as always. Immediately, upon deciding to cease our 25 year practice of classes, I could feel the feelings of responsibility slipping away from my shoulders. I do not need to abide by restraints to “stick-to-birds”, which I’ve always felt. Looks like I might do fish, furry critters of all kinds, amphibians, etc. I don’t expect to “teach” any of these carvings! All who decide from time to time to participate in our Carve-Ins are on equal footing; we’ll learn from each other, as we always have. Previously, I’ve touted, “No RSVPs Plez”! Now, I feel it’s the opposite; so, “RSVPs Plez”! OK? To Reiterate; these Carve-Ins are ONLY for Hamonhaus Carvers. If you receive this e-mail, you are one!

I’m interested in Bunnys and Chipmonks. I bought Roz Daisey’s Book on the subject. I also like many other things which I hope to pursue. As previously true as well, anyone can work on anything. When I’m in the room, I’m pleased to be as helpful as I can be. So, even if we’re all carving the same subject, they are separate projects. Each is responsible for acquiring their own wood, materials and expense. Whatever patterns are available in my files, you can use. I’m happy to help out with my band-saw. It is not a good idea (I’m advised) for anyone but me to use my band-saw due to possible liability issues.
So, to recap, you asked me what time it is and I answered by telling you how to build a watch. Some things will probably never change. Let’s carve!
Happy Carving,  Bill
Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3